Breakfast With Coop

by J-Coop

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Winning Team Entertainment presents 'Breakfast With Coop' an EP by J-Coop. It's a celebration of life, love, music & a beautiful breakfast. This is the type of music that will take you back to the aromas of your great grandma's country kitchen on a sunny Sunday morning. Enjoy this music with you & yours while you enjoy your early morning meal.

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released January 29, 2016

All artwork created by J.Good of



all rights reserved
Track Name: Chicken & Waffles
VERSE 1: Soon as I touch down on the west coast/I need a bag of that sticky & some roscoes/a brand new fitted & I'm dipping in a change of clothes/if this ain't living tell me whatchu wanna call it bro/Pumpin gumption got the function jumping watch it grow/gone learn ya sumn stop the frontin girl I got the glow/str8 out da dungeon blowing ganja lungs about to go/hunnad miles & running ain't no chasing hoes they move to slow/swangin with a purpose & swerving that thang be clean for certain/lurking gotta em hurt em my feelings them thangs ain't even working/get with the winners circle if not you just best close yo curtain/all they talk is turn up & turn it it's like a fucking circus/I got that shit that's been missing come down & get a serving/cook it up dress it right man I'm way up under the surface/can I get a witness or sumn I know you hear the sermon/keep yo eyes wide open & scoping watching out for them serpents

VERSE 2: Soon as touch down on the west coast/I need an in & out burger & some chronic smoke/a brown bag & a 40 and Ima let it po/and if you tryna get a sip Ima tell ya no/better get yo own & mind yo bidness don't you get it twisted/this playa pimpin ain't no stopping baby this was written/these niggas simpin & they trickin fuck is wrong wit em/guess they ain't listen or pay attention got em lost innit/lost in the sauce & they ain't ever coming back/better watch back & guard yo grill these niggas off the rack/some of y'all done lost y'all mind I swear they trippin wit no map/this chess not checkers baby better pick up on the slack/this really ain't a game I guess they gone learn the hard way/fuck the fame get ya paper man that's all day/that ain't nothing but the truth mane gone bet ya bottom dollar/
Track Name: Steak & Eggs
VERSE 1: Tell me whatchu know about it/scheming plotting tryna make a dirty dolla/Days I been counting tryna stack me up a mountain/dirty water from the fountain/feeling like I'm brother Malcolm/get yo out hand up out my pocket nigga we can't even chop it/not a topic no discussion said they bout it but they wasn't they was bluffing & I knew it/I'm like fuck it keep it moving/see me bucking in the Buick/and I'm chunking up the deuces on you muhfuckas/I'm saying if ain't about eating sumn then I think you playing/these bullshit 9 to 5s theyn really paying/so Ima get my own & keep it 87 playa/dunking when jumping I ain't got no time to lay up/talking like I'm Tony tell chi chi get the yayo/and if you owe a dime homie you gone have to pay up/that talking ain't bout nothing when the hell is you gone wake up

VERSE 2: What happened to the love/guess we grew apart when we started growing up/I mean we still cool but it's nothing like it was/but if you in some trouble then you know I got my gun/I ain't playing Ima ride for you blood that's what a brother does/never been a question let's keep that understood/is you gone do the same for me man ion really know/let's keep it one hunnad nah we gone go above/I remember shit was all good down in Cunningham basement/all dedicated to this dream that we chasing/I still miss Tracy that situation crazy/just some things I been thinking on lately/